Sunday, January 3, 2010

Think Big!

I was out with a group of friends for dinner last week. One of the conversations stayed with me. I have a friend who just thinks big about everything he looks at. He does not have to make himself think big. He just does. He looked at the business I am working on and inflated it into something amazing. First of all he was very convinced that it was a good idea and secondly he expounded on ways to make it the next big thing. He even brought me over to his way of thinking big for that moment in time. Exciting.

I have since slipped back into my place where I think differently but safely. I loved the moment when I was there and thinking big. I could see all kinds of possibilities for the business even over and above the ones that he suggested. I felt enthusiasm to leave the restaurant and go make it happen! Priceless.

Now that I have been there, I seek to recapture the excitement of the conversation. By working on the ideas that came up that evening I can capture the essence of that moment. My heart races for a second when I can get to that place again. Potential just waiting for me to expand it.

I learned by being around this successful entrepreneur. I can be as big as I think I can be. I feel the brakes of self imposed limitations arise inside me when I have these expansive thoughts. I will learn to consciously release those brakes that I did not even realize were there. Thank you my friend.

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