Friday, January 22, 2010

Mysterious Ways

When your mind seems idle, it is then that we solve all our outstanding dilemmas. Out of nowhere, an answer to an issue that has defied all logical problem solving methods, springs forward with no warning. It requires the mind to be quiet and not stressed with workload. On my walk. Listening to music. Reading uncomplicated material. There it is. The solution flows quietly into my brain. No Eureka. Just there. I hardly recognize it for what is. It was too simple after working so hard to find the answer.

Have confidence that a subconscious problem solving mechanism lurks beneath the surface. If we can get to that peaceful place the answer will spring forward unannounced and complete. The busy mind usurps it's power and renders it useless.But it is there for us to use. You will only know it is working by the results. It is not by chance that these thoughts arrive but through digesting the problem with a peaceful mind. Sometimes it will arrive as you lie in bed thinking of nothing. Or the answer will be there when you awake. Your brain actually generates 25 Watts of Power while you are awake enough to illuminate a light bulb. There must be something going on in there. Try it when you need a solution.

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