Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Mind Goes Out for a Walk

I started walking 2 miles a day for my body. I now walk 6 miles a day, everyday, for my mind.

I started as a way to work up to running again. I would run one walk one. Then on days where I did not feel like running I would go for additional distance. I worked up to six miles sometimes seven depending on how the mood strikes me. I had done interval training and weights for 2 years at the gym and then lost interest. So this was my next phase. Walking distance. It is all exercise and whatever that looks like doesn't matter. It is only that it gets done. If exercise is pleasure, I continue to do it everyday. If it is work, I avoid it. Simple as that.

When I walk/run, I sometimes listen to my IPOD and sometimes I just let the stream of consciousness take over. I carry a pad of sticky notes and a pen to capture follow up and ideas that occur to me in that fertile mental time. This time is fantastic for generating ideas and feeling a positive vibe. No matter how I feel when I start, I end up feeling pumped and optimistic.

If I listen to my IPOD I listen to motivational recordings. Powerful stuff if you make the right choices. Despite their focus on money there are two in particular that I listen to repeatedly. They are about creating your life as much as about creating wealth. If you get past the wealth thing, you gain valuable hints for recreating your life. Napolean Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" and T. Harvey Eker's "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind". They are both about elevating your game more than making money although they apply to both. I borrow them from the library, load them to ITUNES, then drop them onto my IPOD.

Exercise contributes to my mental and physical well being and that is a great return on investment.

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