Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reality Undefined

Nice house. Nice car. Nice kids. Nice husband. Good job. An uneasy feeling of having lapsed into mediocrity. Bought into the status quo. Lost my edge. Lost my sense of adventure. I fell into achieving on the standards of those that surrounded me. I lost my own barometer of satisfaction. Rewind. I hopped on a train and went out West with no job and no place to stay and one new friend who was willing to take the leap with me. The experience of a lifetime. I packed a knapsack and went biking from Vancouver to California then on to Hawaii with another adventurous friend. Amazing. I packed up the family when they were young and went to England to live for two years. Another injection of adrenaline. These are examples from a long list of highlights. I need to review that list and let it inspire me again. I need to change it up a little. I have bought into achievement as defined outside of me. I am not unhappy. In fact I am quite happy. Just restless. I am no longer clear on what my definition of achievement is. I just know that uneasy sense of living in someone else's reality. The right life. It is all a journey.

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