Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Holy Grail of Happy

Trying New Things has become like second nature to me now. I started out by deciding to try new things each day.  I planned in the morning what that new thing would be. And now, I do not have to plan anymore. Every day my mind searches for that new thing to spice up my day.  It is on auto pilot now.  I no longer have to think about it. 

But when I see the 'new' thing for the day, it makes me smile. I head into whatever it is, large or small with an optimism and yes....happiness.

Happiness is the holy grail these days.  We search for happiness.  Really?

Next time, when you are actually in a place where you feel immensely happy, make your mind go still and identify where that feeling of happiness is coming from.  If you are like me, that feeling is coming from inside of you. Maybe from the physical area associated with your heart. Coincidence that the icon of a heart and happiness are associated in the social consciousness. I think not.

So if the feeling of happy is coming from inside you, that means you have created it. Happiness is created, not found.  Found implies that it is out there, for your to seek and take. A limited supply. But it is actually a feeling that you can create and experience.  It is also, happily, ubiquitous. The source is deep and flowing. Your happiness does not subtract from the universal happiness.  In fact it adds to others ability to feel the same way.

We need not to search for happiness but instead to create it and experience it on our own terms.

In her column today, Barrie Davenport speaks of being uncool and how it lets us live a life on our own terms instead of one that was officially cool. She quotes Dr. Brene Brown who likens a life of cool, to a life lived constantly in Spanx. Looking good on the outside, but feeling squeezed and constricted on the inside. Cool is not cool when you get clear on what you need.

So trying new things let's us discover the things that make us feel our deepest core of happiness inside. It lets us redefine cool for ourselves and recreate the world on our own terms. Each new thing you do gets filed as life affirming in an uncool way, or non life affirming and therefore discarded. To be happy make your life interesting.

Your life won't suddenly be happy.  It won't always be happy. But you gradually emerge into that new place where there exists a ever present steady heartbeat of happiness, that is indestructible. Now that is cool....

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