Monday, May 18, 2009

No Space or Time

These are the kinds of things I think about when I am in the shower. Einstein said that the concept of space and time does not exist; that it is a human invention designed to organize our perceptions. It implies therefore that everything is happening in the present. I can put this in words but I cannot truly get my lovely adept human brain to comprehend this. Maybe it gets close to the reason why time seems to rush by faster as you get older. Maybe we become more able to deal with the concept and get closer to it's meaning by seeing time rush past. Maybe spirituality(not defined as religion) and science do meet on another plane at some point and we get closer to that as we get older. Maybe Einstein was a spiritually advanced human being as well as a mathematical genius. Is it possible that the two qualities emerged concurrently because they are related? I know that the time between getting ready to go in the morning and getting ready to go to bed at night seems to get shorter as I get older. Is this evidence of my emerging comprehension of the Einstein concept of space and time. Maybe evidence of spiritual growth. Maybe evidence of being too busy. A lot of Maybe's.
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