Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 Possible Solutions

The lure of the warm climate increases as November looms. I am invigorated by my plan to change my scene. A small voice chatters in the back of my head about what if...What if I don't like the travel idea once I am doing it. Adjusting to living in England was hard at first. What if the money does not last? What if I am bored by not working after a lifetime of looming deadlines and list filled days?

The answer could lie, as it often does, in "a solution brainstorm". Freely brainstorm a list of 10 possible solutions for the issue. Do not stop until you get to 10. Then pick one off the list and try it. If it does not work, pick another one and try get the idea. Keep going and eventually one of your solutions will either solve the issue or take you to a new place where the issue is no longer relevant.

So, if I find that I do not like to be lying on the beach reading every day in Fiji, then I brainstorm 10 things I would rather be doing and then do one of them. Problem solved.

Is life about experiences and living and testing limits? There is a woman who rowed the Atlantic Ocean. She said she had left behind a 'perfect life'. One statement she made touched me in particular. She said that she bought an expensive house close to work and then had to work to afford her expensive house. A vicious circle. It gave me insight into how we step into a never ending, continually escalating spiral of attainment and achievement.

There is no exit on a spiral. It does not end unless you jump off. That is scary. So, if you jump and it turns out to be less than fulfilling then what happens next? You brainstorm 10 new ways to create fulfillment where you are and you pick one.

We choose feeling secure over happiness. Status quo and mediocrity over the great unknown. Trust yourself. Jump. There is so much more to live.
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