Friday, April 23, 2010

Set Backs

Interesting that this morning I had a major set back on the business. My off shore supplier can only supply a product colour slightly off from the one I had requested. I am working towards a sales launch that is already in motion and the timing is very tight. There is no time to negotiate the improved colour match.

Being strangely positive this morning despite the setback, I outlined the options. I can proceed with my off shore supplier, taking a colour of product slightly off from my desired alternative OR I can move to US production, get the exact product, a shorter timeline but at double the cost. I looked at these two options very clinically this morning and surprised myself with how easily I moved from disaster mode to problem solving mode. It is a choice of this or that. Simple. When you remove the emotion it becomes a decision just like the ones I made when I worked for a major corporation in product development. This or that. Choose and go forward.

W. Clement Stone says "Everyone who achieves success in a great venture, solves each problem as they came to it. They helped themselves...they keep going regardless of the obstacles they met."

I was in a trade show this past weekend that was not necessarily my ideal sales channel but strangely it provided an unexpected gift. As consumers all the retailers who came through gave me outstandingly positive feedback on the product itself. The show was very well attended and the attention was 100% positive. My money's worth in unexpected ways.

I know the product is excellent; I have a sales force across the country already in motion and providing very positive early feedback. I need to solve this issue and move on. Short term I will stay with the off shore supplier but anticipate moving to the North American supplier as the product gets rolling. Cash flow is king right now and the off shore option frees up my cash flow even as it presents problems that may not exist with a North American manufacturer.

From last year when I had a set back and packed it all up and put it away, to this year as I steadily plough through the issues required to get to market. I like the personal growth that comes with these challenges.

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