Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Susan Jeffers speaks of Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway! She says those who achieve great things do not live in the absence of fear but rather live alongside fear as a constant ever present companion. What a concept. Fear does not go away when you do the thing you fear. Fear arises when you are working outside your comfort zone. When you are growing. Fear and growth go hand in hand. So, when you feel fear you can translate it into "I am growing". It changes the playing field.

I made a large investment into the business. I placed the order. I broke through the fear that until now I had found many reasons not to act. And now it is done. Now I have a responsibility to continue with the details that close that deal and earn the money back. It has moved from a dream to a reality. I am in the corridor.
It is no longer scary. It no longer feels huge. A mountain into a molehill.

Interesting that all that I read says that things will flow smoothly when they are meant to happen. Things are coming together for this project and each time a challenge arises, something shows up to solve it. Is that because I am open to many solutions, seeking answers to my challenges rather that being quick to shut down in response to things not going as planned. Maybe.

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