Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Is It That I Am Longing For?

Barbara Sher talks about our feeling that "growing up has stolen something of enormous value from you", in her book It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now. never occurred to me but as soon as I read that statement I locked in on it but still had difficulty defining what it was that was stolen from me. Read on. She will hit another point of clarity with this statement. "We have never forgotten the special freedom of childhood and we miss it, deeply". Hmmmm...again. She then arrives at the fact that it is that delicious sense of childhood wonder that we miss...."an adult dose of exciting thoughts, full strength intellectual and creative stimulation." That is why we crave travel to new lands, artistic endeavors and the attainment of heart racing new physical feats. We want to feel that mental excitement all over again.

We want to have the freedom "to go for our dreams and to rediscover your original self that got buried under the seductions of achievement and family." In her book, Barbara is so eloquent that I find my thoughts reflected on the pages of her book. She believes that you can get your sense of wonder back without leaving your current world and that when you have it back then you can travel and create and learn and feel like a child all over again. I like that.
I read her book just after I turned 40. I thought it was all right. I guess I was not ready to hear all that she had to say. I am fifty plus now and I am ready.

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